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Stream your favorite movies and TV Shows at your own pace with the best streaming player from Roku using The Roku brand provides its users with a wide array of products to choose from, suiting one’s pocket.

Activate your Roku device by using in just a few easy steps. Most of the time the setup process remains the same, barring a few deviations, which are very easy to identify.

Here’s a list of some popular Roku products:

Roku TV

Roku Express

Roku Express +

Roku Ultra

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Premiere

Roku Premiere +

Roku Device Setup (

Follow these instructions for the setup:

Connect the device to your TV using

  • Use a high-speed HDMI cable to connect your Roku streaming player to your TV.
  • Use the power adapter provided with your box to connect to a wall outlet for the fastest start-up times
  • Connect the Roku device either to the included power adaptor or, connect the included USB cable to the USB port on your TV. In case you see a red light on your Roku player then the USB port on your TV is not providing enough power; switch to the power adaptor.
  • Make sure the batteries are intact in your remote.
  • To avoid connectivity issues, place the device next to your TV and not inside any cabinet.
  • Switch on your TV and the Roku player, and set the HDMI input to your Roku player and select the Home button on your Roku remote.

Connect the device to your Router through

  • Wireless
    • For a wireless connection, from the Roku Home screen, select Settings à  Network à Wireless à Set up new Wi-Fi connection.
  • There will be a list of available connections and you can choose your wireless network from the list.
  • Enter the password of your Wi-Fi on the pop up screen and select the ‘Connect’ radio button.
  • Your connection is successful if the next pop up has three green check marks.
  • Wired or Ethernet
    • Similarly for a wired connection, from the Roku Home screen, select Settings >Network >Wired (Ethernet).

If you are still unable to complete the setup, call our customer support executives in the toll free number +1-866-488-8350 24/7 to get any further help or have a live chat for assistance.

Roku Account Creation (

In order to add new channels and start streaming on your Roku device, you need to have a Roku account ( This account has information on all the Roku devices that you possess, the channels that you have subscribed to, your preferences and settings, the purchase history and payment method.

Visit to create a new Roku account. You will need to fill in the following details to create an account;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email ID
  • Password
  • Payment method for channel purchase(only for paid channels)

If you are an existing member, simply use the Sign In link to log on to your Roku account using

Roku Account Activation (

  • If you have a Roku TV, then the activation instructions along with the activation code appear on your Roku TV.
  • You will have to login to “”, enter your activation code in and follow further activation instructions.
  • If you have a Roku streaming device, the activation code is displayed on your TV. Visit “” and enter your code.
  • The Roku site can be visited from a computer or your smart phone.
  • The activation process does take a while, so please hold your patience for a little bit longer.

If you are facing new challenges in setting up the Roku device or in activating your device, please feel free to call us on our Toll free number +1-866-488-8350. Our executives are here to help you round the clock. You may also use our online free chat to get in touch with our executives.

Channels on Roku

Roku devices allow you to stream data from various sources, of which some are free and some are paid. Here’s a comprehensive list of things that you can stream using your Roku devices:

Roku Free Channels

The only catch is, most of these channels will have commercials interrupting the videos that you stream.

Roku and its Channels

Subscription channels

These are channels for which you will have to pay a monthly subscription in order to view their shows. But it has unlimited content and a minimal charge that would apply.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon video
  • HBO Now
  • Hulu
  • Showtime
  • CBS All Access
  • Sling TV
  • MLB TV
  • NBA
  • WatchESPN
  • NFL
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Disney channel
  • PlayOn
  • Plex
  • Playstation Vue
  • Starz
  • CuriosityStream, etc…

They are all great subscription channels that you can watch through Roku devices. So what are you guys waiting for? Get your Roku devices activated ( and subscribe to one or maybe even all of these great entertainment channels. Call our support team for any help with your device activation.

Authenticated cable and satellite channels

This one is similar to watching channels on your TV. You can watch them using the “TV Everywhere” or “authenticated channel” via the Roku device. Authenticated channels include,

  • ABC
  • NBC
  • Watch HGTV
  • HBO GO

For these channels you will not be charged additionally as you would have already made payments with your cable or satellite channel provider.

Rent or buy channels

You may have some personal favorites, which you may wish to play over and over again. In such instances, you cannot afford to pay every time you watch. You can rather rent or buy movies, TV shows, sporting events, etc…

  • Amazon video
  • FandangoNow
  • GooglePlay
  • VUDU

These channels allow you to buy or rent programs using your Roku device. Do enjoy streaming with your all new Roku device by logging in to For best results while streaming any type of video, use a high speed internet and a HDMI cable to partner with your Roku device.

Elucidating some technical terms

What is 4K UHD TV?

4K denotes the display resolution in Ultra High Definition (UHD) televisions. The picture quality that you get in these televisions is exemplary and that paired with a live streaming from Roku (, you can bring the world into your homes.