Setup & Stream Roku Streaming Devices on 

If you are someone looking out for a streaming player, you need to check out the Roku models. The pioneers of streaming technology have launched several streaming players that are extremely useful and affordable to use. It is actually tough to find out a streaming player that is both cost-efficient and compatible. However, Roku devices incorporate several features that entertainment fans will necessitate in their streaming player.

  • You can really rely upon Roku streaming device if you want to watch the global events or local television shows. Roku is the best for users who are novice to streaming. For users who have started their journey with Roku com link, it is going to be an amazing experience.
  • The only issue in the Roku streaming player is the configuration. It is actually simple for setup, but users have to understand the working of Roku prior to the installation. This will make the Roku configuration easier for the users. Moreover, Roku users will hit upon some issues while streaming.
  • Roku has a user-friendly interface which makes them more reliable among the users. Read below to know how you can configure the devices and also study some common methodologies that you can implement when you bump into issues.

Comprehensive Roku Features You Need to Know

Here are some features that every Roku user should utilize now. Check out and attempt each of them for the best television viewing experience.

  Exclusive Listening

Streaming your favorite show might be a disturbance to your spouse or you might get annoyed while hearing the sports commentary when your spouse watches. This is quite frustrating and Roku has come up with a solution that will let you hear privately. Use your headphones to listen privately by connecting it to your mobile and launch the Roku mobile app. Click Remote -> Private listening

Screencasting is possible in Roku

To perform screencasting, you need to connect the Roku streaming player and the mobile device on the same wireless network. Select the video that is televised on a mobile app that is compatible with screencasting and click the Screencasting icon. Then choose the Roku player from the list of available devices and stream on a bigger screen

  Voice Search

Communicate with your Roku player by using the voice assistant as some Roku remotes will have the feature activated and also use the Roku mobile app to avail this feature. Apart from the above features, after the activation you can acquire benefits like parental control, custom screensaver and more.

  Screen Mirroring is also possible on Roku

Click Settings and check whether Screen Mirroring is enabled on your Roku player. Now check the Phone settings to confirm that Cast is enabled. You can now connect to your Roku device and tag along with the directives that you can see on the on screen.

Added Features

Roku has a spare remote

Yes, you heard it right!!! Roku streaming players will always have an extra remote. We could hear a lot of grievances about Roku remotes. We often misplace the remote and remember about it only when we want to change the channel.  This is the scenario in most households and here comes a substitute for Roku remote, Roku mobile app. Using the Roku mobile app, you can actually manage the streaming player without any hindrances. No more fighting for remotes with your siblings!!!

Including channel is way easier than you think

Don’t worry about adding channels even when you are not around the player. Just open a web browser in your mobile or laptop or tablet and navigate to the Roku store. Explore through the biggest channel repository and include your favorite. Finding it hard to scroll through the Roku channel store? Use the Search tab which is an easy way to choose your channel. Click Add Channel and that’s it!!! You can now stream your favorite on Roku player. Otherwise, open the Roku mobile app and click Channels to add one to your Roku channel list

Configuring your Roku device is not a big deal

  • Check out the instructions below and execute the steps in a proper manner to avoid issues while configuring the Roku device
  • The steps mentioned here goes well with all Roku models but Streaming stick users cannot make use of the instructions as the setup process will be completely different
  • The television model that you are going to use, should have an HDMI port to connect the Roku streaming player
  • Otherwise, you need to check whether the Roku streaming player model you have is compatible with AV composite cables
  • After that, connect the Roku streaming player and Television using an HDMI cable or standard connection cables whichever is suitable

Hardware configuration

After connecting the streaming player with the internet, move on to the next step and connect the device on the internet. You can just connect the Ethernet cable (Users who prefer Wired connection) once you are done with the HDMI connection and progress with the next step. Now it’s time to connect the Roku device to a power source via the power adapter and configure the Roku remote to commence streaming on your very own Roku device.

Guided Roku Setup

Firmware upgrade

  • Once the Roku player connects to the internet, the software update will automatically commence. The device will check online for any new updates
  •  If it is available, the most recent software version will be installed on your device by default
  • After the completion of the software download, you will get to view the system reboot
  • If your device has the latest software version, this step will be skipped automatically by the system.

Language & Display settings

  • Initially, Roku configuration prompts you to choose the language that you’d like to see on Roku screen (onscreen directives)
  • Browse through the language list and select the one you want after which you have to press Ok
  • Roku streaming player will determine the HDMI connection to offer a vibrant display resolution and you have to hang around until the device finds it
  • This step can also be skipped as it is not mandatory and you can configure it later by clicking Settings -> Display

Roku wireless configuration

  • Once you confirm the Language settings, you have to choose Wired or Wireless
  • Choose the wireless network from the list of available network if you prefer Wireless connection
  • Otherwise, click “Scan again to see all networks” option which will let you explore more networks
  • Enter the password after picking up the Service set Identifier and move forward with software download
  • Remember that connecting the Roku streaming player on the same network in which you connected the mobile device is important
  • If you select “Wired” connection, the device will automatically connect to the network, provided that you have already inserted the Ethernet port on Roku player.

Activate your Roku player via

Configuring a Roku account

  • Basically, you need a account to activate your streaming player and it is mandatory to create an account before you link the device or during the Roku activation process
  • Roku link account generation will not take much time if your internet speed is excellent as most of the activation process will require an internet connection
  • Go to the sign up page in which you have to furnish the details like First name, last name, email and password
  • You will be prompted to enter the PIN details for security purpose which is nothing but entering a four-digit code to safeguard your Roku
  • Adding Roku PIN is not essential but creating it will protect the data or information that is available in your Roku account
  • Then, including the payment details is the final step and submit all the details for the create account

Linking Roku account to the streaming player

  • Power up your Roku streaming player and find the Roku activation code to move forward
  • Now visit the site and sign in with your Roku account or else create a new Roku by using the instructions above
  • After signing in, search for the “Activate a device” tab in the web page and tap on it
  • Enter the code in the respective box and click Submit
  • Now you are all set to utilize the Roku streaming player and entertain yourself with the best contents of all time.