Tips and Tricks to connect Roku to wifi without Remote

Roku is a great boon to all the users who loves to stream various contents including movies, sports, music, news and much more. With the help of the Roku remote controller, you can search for the network provider of  your Wi-Fi name and the password. However, you can also connect Roku to wifi without remote. There are some tips and tricks which can allow you to connect the Roku to the Wi-Fi without the help of any remote controller.

Using Mobile app

This is eventually the easiest method to connect Roku to wifi without remote. If you possess a mobile Roku application, you can make the mobile device as your remote. The app remote will not only allow you to search but will also take care of the operation and controlling of your Roku device. Also, it will enable you to search for voice and listen to private contents. It is pocket friendly and there is a least chance of losing it frequently.

Imitating the connection

Renaming the new network connection and the password to mimic the old connection is another option to connect Roku to wifi without remote. While accomplishing this procedure, the Roku device must be turned off. Once the changes are made, you can turn on the Roku device and wait for detecting and connecting the new network.

However, if you do not feel like changing the original network, please proceed with the mobile hotspot.

Using universal remotes

However, if you possess a universal remote or an application that will function as an universal remote, you can make use of it for some of the Roku devices. It will work as a momentary option. Do keep in mind that all the Roku devices models do not support a universal remote. It makes use of the Infra Red signals which is used by only a couple of Roku models.

Connect Roku to wifi without remote

Roku streaming stick – Connect Roku to wifi without Remote

To connect Roku stick to Wi-Fi without remote, you must have a Router which will provide you superior internet signal quality.

  • Firstly, switch on your TV as well as the Roku remote and connect it to the HDMI port.
  • By visiting the Roku home screen you have to locate for the wireless network.
  • Choose the correct network and place the Roku stick close to the TV to acquire a good signal.
  • By providing the correct credentials, follow the on screen instructions provided on the screen and complete the wireless setup.
  • When you see a green check mark visible on the screen, your Roku streaming stick is effectively connected.
  • However, if you come across any issues while connecting the Roku streaming stick, check for the wireless network settings to make sure whether it is accurate.

However, it is very difficult to connect Roku to wifi without the use of remote. Try to buy a new Roku remote from the app store to connect your Roku device to the Wi-Fi. If you have any queries about connecting the device then call our 24/7 customer support assistance at +1-866-488-8350.

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