Easy way to setup your Roku Account

How to Setup your Roku Account

The Roku 2 was recently upgraded last year, with a new and faster processor that powers a vast library of streaming content. The platform is agnostic and comes with a wide choice of TV shows, videos, movies, etc. Read on to know how to setup your Roku account in this blog. The Roku app has received a substantial overhaul, which means you get an enhanced device with the latest features through the app.

How To Setup your Roku Account

How To Setup your Roku Account


Before you learn how to setup your Roku account, you should know how to install your Roku 2. All Roku devices come with the player, the power adaptor, the remote and the Roku 2 particularly comes with an HDMI cable

There is also the option of connecting wirelessly over the LAN cable; this is also one of the key features of the device


  • The box itself is pretty small and light weight.
  • It has a USB port connection on the side of the box, which is basically very useful
  • Turn the box to the back, there are several components that you can connect. They are:
    • The HDMI Port
    • Ethernet cable connection or LAN port; use the Ethernet cable to connect because it gives a more reliable connection
    • Micro SD Slot
    • AV Out Socket
    • The Reset button

Plug in and install

  • Plug all the cables into the respective ports available on the back (as discussed above)
  • The first thing you will see on your TV is the ‘Let’s get started’ screen
  • Here, choose your language and all other pre-requisites
  • Then, pair your remote: To do that hold the button on the back of the remote control for a few seconds
  • Select the ‘Display Type’ now; You can just press ‘Ok’ to allow the player to detect the best display for your TV
  • Choose ‘Yes. The screen looks good’ once the option pops up

Activating the Roku

  • At the next ‘Activate your Roku’ screen, you will see three basic options
  • You have to visit a link, enter the code (displayed on the screen) and complete the setup on the web.
  • From your mobile or computer open a browser and go to the link as suggested by the player on the TV
  • At the empty space enter the code
  • Agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box and click on the ‘Submit’ button

Link the Roku account

  • At the very next page, the guided setup asks you to link the player to your Roku account
  • You can click on ‘No. I need to create one’ to sign up for an account
  • The screen will ask you to ‘Create a Roku account’
  • Put all your details in such as the first name, last name, and email and enter your password
  • Make sure you enter a valid email ID otherwise you may not receive all the important information that Roku sends periodically
  • Check all the boxes displayed below and click on ‘Continue’
  • On the next screen, enter your billing information and your credit card details

You have now installed your player and even linked your account. For any information please do not hesitate to call us at +1-866-488-8350 or simply visit our website Roku.com/link. Learn how to watch your TV favorite shows by adding  Starz channel to your Roku. For details,  visit activate starz com


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