New Movie Releases On August 2018

List of New Movie Releases on August 2018

There are lots of new movie releases on August 2018 to entertain you. Choose the best movie that suits your interest and enjoy streaming. There are around 21 movies available. Choose the best channel that telecast these movies on your Roku and enjoy streaming.

New Movie Releases on August 2018

New Movie Releases on August 2018

List of New Movies you could see on Roku

Check out the list of new mind-blowing movies

  • Bad Samaritan (August 3)
  • Dead pool 2 (August 7)
  • Avengers Infinity war
  • Dark Crimes
  • Anything

Bad Samaritan – It is an American Horror Thriller Film that is directed and written by Brandon Boyce. It is really thrilling to watch the movie.

Dead pool 2

The Marvel Comics character Dead pool is the protagonist in this amazing movie. Check out the reviews available on our webpage to know more about the movie.

Avengers Infinity War

You will definitely love watching this movie. The heroes take all their efforts to defeat the powerful Thanos. The story and the screenplay is really amazing.

Watch Avengers Infinity War to meet the superheroes.


Enjoy watching the movie that depicts the infinite possibility of love. It is the story of a man who is depressed after his wife’s death and moves from Mississippi to Loss Angeles.

Dark Crimes

It is all about the murder investigation of a business man. Alexandro Avranas is the director of the series. The movie is based on the article True Crime. The murder that happens is almost identical to a novel and the detective Tadek tries to solve the case.

Other popular movies streaming on your favorite Roku channels

Here is the list of other popular new movie releases on August 2018 streaming on Roku channels

  • Ready Player One- It is a science fiction adventure film
  • I feel Pretty- It is a story of a woman who struggles in her life
  • Tully- Story of a grandmother who is hired to look after a newborn
  • Breakin In –Story of a woman who tries to protect her family during her invasion of her house
  • Overboard- Life story of Kate, working-class mother of three who is hired to clean a luxury yacht
  • Isle of Dogs- A boy in Odyssey searches for his lost dog
  • The China Hustle- Street Horror story about the Chinese company
  • Hover- It is all about the after effects of a global drought that threatens Americas Heartland
  • Breaking In- It is all about the story of a woman who tries to protect her family
  • Anchors Up- Watch the brave rescue mission in stormy weather
  • Operation Red Sea- It is all about the rescue operation in Yemen
  • Rock Rubber 45s
  • The Row- It is all about the story of a man who discovers the dark secret about a strange house
  • You Were Never Really Here

There are lots of other interesting movies too. Each movie has a different story and a theme. It is your interest to choose your favorite movie. Watch the trailers and you will get an idea about the story of the latest movies on August 2018.

To know more about the list of new movie releases on August 2018, you can either visit our webpage or read the articles provided. Our teams of experts are happy to help and support you anytime.

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