PRIVACY POLICY:, the best website is well-focused on the customers’requirements and providing them valuable guidelines and information on its products. We maintain confidentiality to all the services, troubleshooting guidelines, payment servicesthat we offer.

The website is well focused to secure all the information’s of the customers that are provided. The information’s that are maintained confidentially includes the Name, Email ID, Contact address, Age, Gender, Date of birth and are provided by the customers during the account activation process. We always make sure that the confidential information is not exploited or misused in anyways

For providing assistance, it is requested to create an account first by following the guidelines that are provided on our website. The information provided by the customers is saved for a short period of time and are removed if it is not required. All the required information’s are collected via chat, call or Emails

Details like the credit card information are required for subscribing the required channels and are saved and maintained confidentially. Our website is not responsible in case if there are any issues like payment failures, interferences from extruders, wrong decision during the payment process. All the information that are required are collected by the team.

We will not disclose any confidential information’s such as trouble shooting information, system model, printer model, Firewall information, type of the internet connection, operating systems that are used and will not be disclosed to any third-partyorganizations.

The information between the client and the team is secure and maintained confidentially. There may occur changes in the privacy policies and are updated regularly on our website. All the users are requested to follow and read the privacy policies before using our website

Information like protocols, browser type, date and the time of your request, the websites which you have visited will be automatically saved while you visit our website. Login name and the passwords can be personalized as per your convenience. The non-personalinformation is used only for official purposes like advertisement of the websites which you have visited. Opt out of the service if you do not want to provide your non confidential Information.

We also provide assistance for removing the personal information if requested by the users. The services which you have subscribed will be deactivated as per your request. Customers are requested to pay for the services under their own risk and our website is not responsible incase if there are any errors associated with the service. Our skilled team of techies can assist you and provide you further information and guidelines

Privacy policy is all about explaining the process of data collection, its use, and disclosure of information’s like the Personal Information.