All the policies, terms and conditions mentioned on our website must be acknowledged, understood and agreedupon by the user as this documents clearly outlines howwe may gather personal information and other user related information from any user willing to take up our services for their Roku device or account.

Data Collection

Personal information

  • In case of delivering a service, the website will obtain from the users certain personal information such as the user’s first, last and middle names, mailing address, mobile number, email for correspondence and other login details pertaining to the Roku device or a particular channel

Payment credentials

  • While making purchase transactionson behalf of the user availing our website’s services, we may collect account information and authentication information

Device and Network Information

  • To render the relevant services,data or info regarding network details and the technical specifications of the Roku devices that the tech support team is dealing with will be obtained

Reports on errors and issues

  • Pertaining to their Roku devices, whichever is applicable in their case, it is necessary for users to provide us with relevant error reports or messages
  • We may provide the users with corresponding remediesbased on the error messages

Information about user location

  • With our associates, it may be necessary to share location information of the device to give suitable solutions to the users’ issues


We may store cookies to analyze the issues related to your queries analyze website traffic and also better our services and it may be vital to accept the cookies policy to move forward with our services.


With information to troubleshoot issues related to Roku, the main aim of the website is to provide impeccable service to its users. In the process of doing so, we may require many confidential data from the users and also request all users to provide the same for a great experience in using our website. We pledge to keep such user info confidential at all times except for when requested legally by a court of law.