Roku voice search

Roku gets amazing with each passing day. Over the years, it has gained many dedicated users with its extensive library, great devices and now, upgraded features, the latest being the Roku VOICE SEARCH feature. Speak naturally, in conversational phrases,into the Enhanced Remote to throw your choices up instantly on the screen. Similarly, the voice search and command options are available on the Roku’s mobile app, as well. This is a free application that is present on the iOS App Store and the Android store. Install the mobile app from these stores to discover and watch new content.

Options that you can voice search

The Enhanced Roku Remote can be identified with the help of a MICROPHONE button present in its either on one side or in its center. Most of Roku’s 1080p HD, 4K UHD and HDR devices, come with the enhanced voice remote that also controls the TV’s volume. With the feature, you can look for a SPECIFIC TITLE or search for content based on the name of the ACTOR OR DIRECTOR. Simultaneously, you can also look for a specific GENRE, or a particular content with the genre and the CHANNEL or better still just launch the STREAMING CHANNEL name.

Roku voice search

Using the Roku voice search

  • From the mobile app go to CHANNELS and then WHAT’S ON to know your options.
  • Both these buttons are present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then use the MICROPHONE icon embedded within the TEXT BOX to speak your choice.
  • The mobile app will ask you for access to the MICROPHONE, the first time you use the app.
  • It is only after you have granted the permission that the app will allow you to use voice controls.
  • At normal volumes, speak your command or choice into the mobile app slowly and clearly for best results.

Remote usage

  • At the bottom of the screen, you will find the REMOTE option.
  • From here, tap on the MICROPHONE icon and use the voice command.
  • The mobile app presents a list of results.
  • Alternatively, it may even update the Roku device to carry out the request, as the case may be.

Enhanced remote

  • To speak into the enhanced remote, you must hold it at least 6 inches away from your mouth.
  • Hold it face up when you speak your options.
  • Keep the MICROPHONE button completely and constantly pressed till you have finished speaking your choice.
  • The request will be carried out and delivered by the player only after you have released the MICROPHONE button.

Types of remotes on the Roku

Basically, Roku devices come with two types of remotes. The Standard IR remote that does not contain voice search features and the enhanced point-anywhere remote that brings additional features including the Roku voice search. The Standard remote uses InfraRed light beams to emit commands to the player. It does operate reliably, however, if there is an object in the path of the remote and the player, then there may be difficulties in carrying out command requests.

Point-anywhere enhanced remote

With the point-anywhere remote, the situation is slightly different. Since it works on a connected network, you need not directly point the remote at the player. Point it anywhere and the Roku will accept the commands unlike the standard IR. The enhanced remote establishes a connection with the player through a PAIRING system. If the player detects an enhanced remote, then the ROKU ENHANCED REMOTE PAIRING message will automatically appear on the TV screen.

Enhanced remote not working

To troubleshoot your enhanced remote, first check if the batteries require replacement or if they have been placed securely. Thereafter, proceed to check the power cables and connectivity of the remote to the device. You may even try re-pairing the remote.

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