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Hulu on Roku

One of the top media services, Hulu on Roku has the entire entertainment package. Roku has a wide range of service providers streaming your favorite shows and on-demand contents. If you are a fan of web-series, then Hulu can be of a big help to your entertainment quench.

Hulu on Roku

Get the famous series from various categories like:

  • Hulu Originals
  • Current Seasons
  • Past Seasons
  • New and Classic movies
  • For All Ages – Kids

The packages on Hulu:

  • Hulu – Has a one-month free trial and available at just 5.99$ per month
  • Hulu Live TV – Has one-week free trial at 39.99$ a month.

Halloween Special – Huluween:

This season as the Halloween days are about to start, Hulu has the vast collection of all horror and thrillers that gives a terror down the spine. The list of movies will give you the spookiest and nail-biting shows of this year.

Some of the movies featured for Halloween are:

  • The Body
  • Jigsaw
  • 28 Weeks Later
  • Dark Shadows

Get Hulu with a Roku Account:

Roku Account is one of the vital requisites required to get entertainment on Roku. Do you know that Hulu has a free trial period? Enjoy the shows on Hulu for the limited free time, then pay the subscription fee and prolong the entertainment on your Roku.

Setup process of Roku – put together your Roku:

  • Activate your Roku by connecting it to an active network, which is strong in range.
  • Get hold of the latest Roku OS when prompted by your screen
  • Decide on your display type either by setting them manually or giving “auto detect” on the options available.
  • Now pair your Roku remote with your device by pointing it directly to the white light.

Code Sync and Activation:

Roku gives you a five-digit code on your TV screen for activating your device, which you will have to enter on the website. Once you proceed this step the screen redirects you to create a Roku Account using Roku code link.

Creating a new Roku Account:

The Roku Account creation page will prompt screens and text boxes, wherein, you will have to provide your credentials. Give in your authentic email and a well-built password with the other details.

In this case, if you’re a user already, give your credentials and enter into your entertainment feed.

Roku’s wide collection:

Now search for Hulu from the Roku Channel Store; Under the Movies sub category, you can find the Hulu channel that you were searching.

  • If you are using Roku device with voice command, press the microphone button on the Roku remote and just say the words “Get Hulu channel”.

When you find the Hulu from the list, subscribe the channel to your Roku. As soon as you have added Hulu to your Roku account, and still can’t find the channel on Roku feed do the following. Roku automatically updates each and every time its switched on and hooked up on the network, to get Hulu on Roku feed, power cycle the devices for immediate effect.

On other cases, go to system settings and you can try giving a manual update on Roku settings. Furthermore, to know in detail about Hulu subscription and the movies telecasted visit our website

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