Watch Amazon Prime on Roku

Amazon Prime Video on Roku

At no additional charge to Prime members, Amazon Video offers tens and thousands of movies and TV Shows besides providing access to several hundreds of thousands of titles for buying and renting. Award-winning Amazon Original Series like the multi Emmy award-winning comedy Transparent and the multi Emmy award-winning kid’s series Tumble Leaf and much more are available to Prime members to stream instantly. Stream Amazon Prime on Roku to get a range of unlimited streaming from thousands of titles and Amazon’s Original Series.

Amazon Prime on Roku

Get Amazon on Roku

Now known as Prime Video, Amazon Prime is not restricted to members alone. Even Roku streaming player users can purchase or rent videos even if you are not a member. Once playback starts, rented videos usually have a 24 48 hrs. viewing time window. But if you were to purchase a video, you can watch it as often as you like. Roku’s Prime Video channel features all of Amazon’s channels.

The service

Formerly known as Amazon Instant Video and then Amazon Video, the company’s Prime Video service offers two types of services. One is the renting and buying of videos by the users, which still is favorable for Amazon Prime members. Because they can stream unlimited TV shows and movies absolutely free.

Canadian Users

Fortunately, Amazon Prime on Roku is available for Canadian viewers from October 2018. Not only users in the United States have access to the service, but it is also accessible worldwide. As of now, Amazon directly offers Prime Video accessibility.


  • Find all the content that you wish to watch on Prime Video’s home page itself. Get recommendations based on your watch history in the WATCH NEXT category. It also picks up suggestions from the videos that you have already saved on your WATCH LIST and video purchases that you made on the service.
  • Originals are displayed prominently
  • INCLUDED WITH PRIME videos comes in different categories such as RECOMMENDED MOVIES, POPULAR TV, CLASSIC TV, RECENTLY ADDED TV and much more.
  • Other titles are also available under categories such as MOVIES, TV, ORIGINALS and KIDS. Each of these categories is divided further into sub-categories that comprise of genres such as ACTION & ADVENTURE, FANTASY MOVIES, etc., along with suggestions featuring under the title MORE LIKE.

Searching and browsing

  • If you are looking for something specific, Amazon Prime on Roku includes a search feature that enhances your browsing options

Note: Users can just select a movie and watch the trailer that is beneath it. The rental and purchase rates are also  here.

  • Access the WATCH LIST from the HOME page of the channel. Here you can even find a title and highlight it. Press the * or STAR button the Roku remote.
  • In the LIBRARY Section, you will find all your rented and purchased videos

How to get Amazon Prime on Roku?

  • Go to to install Prime Video from Roku’s Channel Store
  • Alternatively, to find and install the channel, use Roku’s powerful search function
  • For immediate access to Prime, just install it directly from the website.

Get Amazon Prime on Roku to watch some of the most popular movies and TV shows on the Roku. For more visit our website or call us at +1-866-488-8350

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